Beverly Pepper
"Palingenesis" (1993-94)

With "Palingenesis", the American artist Beverly Pepper created her first sculpture for a public space. The work consists of a 70-metre long curved wall made of 81 cast iron plates, in front of which stand seven steles or columns.

The word "palingenesis" comes from the Greek "palin" (=again) and "genesis" (= birth) and brings to mind the word “palindrome”: a word that has meaning whether you read it forwards or backwards.

In the same way, the wall and the columns can be seen from two sides: As you walk from left to right, the columns stand out more and more from the iron plates until, in the middle, they leave the wall and stand alone, forming their own radius – an "awakening". However, if you move from right to left, the work represents going back in time. It shows that the origins of all new things lie in something old.