Daniel Karavan
"Dorfplatz" (Village Square) (1994)

At the heart of Bocken stands the architectural installation "Dorfplatz" (Village Square) by the Israeli artist Daniel Karavan, who now lives in Paris. His commission was to create a space on the themes of "communication" and "flux" – as a metaphor for our ever-changing world.

In his characteristic geometric design idiom, Karavan has created a work that combines light and shadow, running water and the music of the wind, to stunning effect. Cubes and cuboids, triangles, pyramids and circles symbolise the energies of the Earth (the green spaces), water (the water steps), fire (the light channel) and air (the tower).

The tower also serves as a sundial. It emits a blue line of light running exactly from north to south. The water steps consist of twelve steps, symbolising the twelve hours of half a day. The diameter of the amphitheatre is based on the size of the inner courtyard of the Stable Building.