Nam June Paik
"Boolean Bideo" (1992)

"Boolean Bideo", a video sculpture by the Korean artist Nam June Paik, stands in the entrance hall to the Seminar Building. The work symbolises one of the most important principles of modern-day data transfer: binary code. It is also the inspiration behind the work’s name: "Bideo" is a combination of "binary" and "video".

The coloured tubes create a pattern that could be interpreted as the profile of a head. The screens inside it display the figures 0 and 1 in reference to the basis of binary logic. This permeates our entire lives – from daily life in the office to space travel – as Paik impressively suggests round the outer edge of the sculpture.

Paik's work demonstrates the creative potential of the interaction between art and technology and at the same time creates a tangible representation of communication itself.