Team events

How to be inspired

Special rooms and an atmospheric ambience are one thing - an unforgettable socializing program is another. The choice is yours: from a delicious cooking event to our art-historical guided tour to a harmonious wine tasting. Discover our themed experiences for special moments.

Our collected social programs at a glance

Back to the past

Bocken is a place steeped in history. Learn all about the turbulent times of our history during our art-historical guided tour. You will gain valuable insight into our numerous works of art amidst the listed premises.

Together on a discovery trip

Explore our five hectare area in small groups, solve tricky riddles and discover hidden messages. On our treasure hunt, you get a unique look behind the scenes at the numerous stops along the way; in our kitchen and bar.

Nothing as beautiful as wine

In our historic Gewölbekeller you learn everything about the truth of wine from our experts - during a personal tasting session.

For the good taste

Here you can really get to work: create a multi-course menu together with our chefs and then let it melt in your mouth in a historic ambience.

Pure beer culture

You have the choice: Either brew your own beer in the microbrewery or we invite you to a personal brewery tour including aperitif.

Time travel of oenology

From yesterday to today: treat yourself to a visit to the Viticulture Museum at the foot of the Au peninsula. And discover everything you need to know about local viticulture and its special features.

Off into the underground

Immerse yourself in the time of the lignite miners during the 19th century. In the former Käpfnach mine in Horgen, you will get an expert insight into the world of coal mining.

To melt away

Look over the shoulder of a professional ice artist and learn how he transforms a 125 kg block of ice into a unique work of art.

Ready, steady, Team work

In the Escape Game by tabevents you open a big box together in your team and have to solve a puzzle within the given time.

To the table

Where there is a Table soccer, the game fire is lit. In the team experience, you build your own box together from cardboard kits and then actively play to win.

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